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The Alpha Sigma Gamma Society
The International Real Estate Honorary Society

The Alpha Sigma Gamma Society is sponsored by the American Real Estate Society. The American Real Estate Society (ARES) is an international organization composed of academics, professionals and institutions dedicated to the production and dissemination of knowledge related to real estate decision making and the functioning of real estate markets. The University of Alabama's chapter was established in 2008. For more information, click below to access the brochure.


Univeristy of Alabama Chapter Members

2008 - Caroline Culberson, Erin Brittney Edwards, Simon A Fox, Meredith Lane Hardegree, Rachel Brooke Kelley, Julien Mitchell Relfe, David H Rogers, Justin Uffinger, Matthew V Williams

2009 - Ryan Lee Godwin, Charles James Kirschman, Scott L McKenzie, David Miller Allen Levy Ross, Heidi M Sizemore, Randall Morgan Smith, William Bruce Tisdale, Anna E Tygielski, Stephanie J Wyckoff

2010 - John Harrison Hagood, Ashley Jean Walker, Sarah E Stubblefield, Brittany Green Wyatt, Michael Ryan Dodson, Rachel Jennings, Steven M Deal, Elena M Brown, Bryan Stephen Grimes

2011- Jackson F Chesser, Chandler Davis, Nichole M Kauffman, Andrew S Lydon, Justin C Owens

2012 - William Brian Breedlove, Donald Lee Gambril II, Stephen B Miller, Nathan R Cordle

2013 - Katie Henson, Michael Bowles, Sarah Stewart

2014 - Andrew B Tompkins, Scott Anderson, John Robert Waldrop Jr.

2015 - Sarah Emma Bliss, Owen Killeen, Taylor Benjamin, Nicholas James Applegate