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ACRE Research

Logistics Infrastructure Research

Logistics Infrastructure Research

This Logistics Infrastructure call-to-action is validated by compelling transportation statistics. With the modern e-commerce supply chain growing 25-30 percent each year, the current age and state of existing infrastructure will inhibit future and economic development.

Our research highlights the utmost importance and impact of the Transformational Opportunities provided by LI. It also offers an outlook for LI and a glimpse into the most notable logistics, transportation, e-commerce and real estate statistics that are shaping tomorrow’s discussion today. This paper is the first in an annual series from the Center on topics that impact Alabama’s real estate industry at large and the broader southeastern region of the United States, including the vitally important Gulf Coast.  


This continued advancement of real estate research and insights would not be possible without the legislative leadership at the local and state level, Alabama real estate licensees, and the support of our founding partners: the Culverhouse College of Business, the Alabama Real Estate Commission and the Alabama Association of REALTORS®.